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  All about Head Start!  
  As educators, the quality of education has always been important to us. In looking for the best fit in the educational industry, we founded the Head Start School System in 1992 based on our philosophy:  

“Head Start is all about taking initiatives! Initiatives to be the first in thinking,
making decisions, and taking action.”


  Our goal is to educate the child in a holistic way incorporating curriculum with extracurricular activities and ensuring that each student is treated with respect, encouragement, and devotion.  

Our mission is “Head Start is Steadfast”.

  Head Start is Steadfast in implementing an individualized and nurturing program that provides students with skills and knowledge necessary to become productive members of society and smart learners.  
  We believe that education is a collaborative experience. Parents, teachers, staff and students work together as a team to maximize each student’s learning potential. We are devoted to creating and maintaining the ideal environment for the students under our care.  
  Students at Head Start are Proactive in exploring the depths of knowledge, Imaginative in thinking out of the box, Creative in making their dreams come true & possess a Kind attitude towards the mankind. This is what makes our students depict our Core Values and be the “PICK of the lot.”  
  We cater to the needs of the 21st century students. Our smart curriculum is accelerated, highly enriched, and well balanced inculcating the STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) curriculum and digitalizing the mode of learning.  

“Get Smart with Head Start”


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