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  Teaching Faculty  

Head Start believes, and rightly so, that teachers are “the hinge on which the future swings”, they are those stilts upon which is supported the edifice of a school. In order to be what they are expected to be, i.e. leaders in their respective fields, H.S conducts regular training sessions. Not only is ‘On-Job' training provided, monthly ‘In-Service' days are also held to polish their skills. Additionally, to keep up with the demands of changing times, the curriculum is given great attention. Thus we are always making, reviewing, and reflecting on the structure of the curriculum. Presenters from various teacher training institutes and other professionals from various walks of life are called in to speak and advise. Computer training is also part of teacher training at H.S. Frequent workshops are conducted by our own teachers as well as external presenters, on issues that relate to and are affecting methods of teaching.

  Teachers Development Programs  

In-house/Combined In-Services
The last Saturday of every month is scheduled as a regular working day when in-house/combine in-services are held for the teachers.
These in-services provides the teachers with a framework for viewing how learning differences manifest themselves in a students behavior and aptitude, as well as guidelines for which remedial tools and practices are most effective for children with learning differences, both in and out of the classroom.
We also send our teachers for training to the following institutes:
       - TRC
       - Taleem
       - PTDC
       - IED

Our teachers are encouraged to attend the Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA) Conferences held every year in different countries.

  Student Leadership  

The House Captains are the representatives of all the students of the school. They are not only chosen for their academic excellence, but possess the strains of leadership and the ability to follow rules.

     - House Captains
     - Class Prefects



  House Captains  

There are 3 Houses, each House has a Captain and Class Prefects.

  House Name   Color
  Qasim   Orange
  Shahbaz   Green
  Latif   Purple

The House System:
The House system, comprises three Houses.

Each member of the teaching staff also belongs to a House, who act as a guide and adviser in helping students prepare and plan activities. Once a member of the school community is assigned a House, he/she retains the membership as long as they remain with the school.


  Class Prefects  

The teachers select class prefects, on a monthly and quarterly basis; which gives an opportunity to the students to monitor and help out in managing a classroom along side the teacher. They are an important tool of communication between the students and the teachers. This inculcates in them leadership qualities and develops a sense of responsibility.



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New Admissions 2018-2019 Announcement
Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Head Start School System!
50% admission fee waiver to all the new Admissions in the school year 2018-2019.
The excess fee already paid will be adjusted in the tuition fee challan in August.
For further details, kindly contact the school office.




Student Transfer Applications

The deadline for submission of the Student Transfer Application is Saturday, March 10, 2018. All transfers will be with effect from the new school year, August 2018.

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