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  Admissions 2018-2019  
Registrations Open:

Kindly apply by filling out our Online Registration Form  Click Here to Register Online


Please bring along the following on the interview/testing day

1. Copy of Birth Certificate for verification
  Those made in the last six months will not be accepted.
A photocopy will be required for the school office
2. Four (4) passport sized photographs
3. Progress report of the previous school
4. A printout of the form submitted online.
  Interviews are conducted for all grade levels.
Entrance Test will be conducted for all applicants applying for Advanced Nursery to Grade IX.

 A. Online Forms: Click Here to Register Online
1. Please fill in all the fields as they are all mandatory.
2. Click to submit
3. You will receive an email informing you about your registration ID and confirming all the information you entered online, therefore please be careful to enter your valid and current email address on the form.


 B. Downloaded Forms: Click Here to Download Form
1. Please take a printout on an A4 sized sheet and fill in all details by hand in block letters (all areas are mandatory).
2. Please bring the form to the concerned branch where you wish your child to be registered, as per the Registration Schedule
3. The test and interview date will be communicated to you via email and SMS.

  Area    Head Start Buildings    Grade Levels
   PECHS  Preschool   Reception
 Kindergarten   Adv. Nursery
  Grade I
 Junior   Grade II to IV
 Junior High   Grade V to VIII
   Clifton  Elementary Section   Reception
  Adv. Nursery
 Junior Section   Grade I to V
 Senior Section   Grade VI to XI
  Gulshan  Kindergarten   Reception
  Adv. Nursery
 Junior   Grade I to V
 O Level   Grade VI to XI 
   North Nazimabad  Kindergarten   Pre-Nursery
  Adv. Nursery
  Grade I to V
Age Groups for Admission  2018-19
  Grade    Age Groups for Admission as of August 2018
  Reception   2 years - 2 years 4 months
  Pre-Nursery   2 years 5 months - 3 years 4months
  Adv. Nursery   3 years 5 months to 4 years 4 months
  Kindergarten   4 years 5 months to 5 years 4 months
  Grade I   5 years 5 months to 6 years 4 months
  Grade II   6 years 5 months to 7 years 4 months
  Grade III   7 years 5 months to 8 years 4 months
  Grade IV   8 years 5 months to 9 years 4 months
  Grade V   9 years 5 months to 10 years 4 months
  Grade VI   10 years 5 months to 11 years 4 months
  Grade VII   11 years 5 months to 12 years 4 months
  Grade VIII   12 years 5 months to 13 years 4 months
  Grade IX   13 years 5 months to 14 years 4 months
  Grade X   14 years 5 months to 15 years 4 months
  Grade XI   15 years 5 months to 16 years 4 months


Latest News




HSS Clifton Campus
Mocks Time line for Grade X. Click Here to view details.




HSS Clifton Campus
Mocks Time line for Grade XI. Click Here to view details.




New Admissions 2018-2019 Announcement
Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Head Start School System!
50% admission fee waiver to all the new Admissions in the school year 2018-2019.
The excess fee already paid will be adjusted in the tuition fee challan in August.
For further details, kindly contact the school office.




HSS CC Elementary Section
Circular for parents. Click Here to view details.




Student Transfer Applications

The deadline for submission of the Student Transfer Application is Saturday, March 10, 2018. All transfers will be with effect from the new school year, August 2018.

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